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Mercedes S 450 / S 560


Passenger(Including Driver) : 5 Adults
Luggage : 5
Color : White / Black
Transmission : Automatic
Fuel Type : Petrol
Model : 2022 / 2023
Airbags : Yes
ABS : Yes

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    Stand Out with Mercedes S 450/ S560 Rental Cars

    If you are in the UAE without personal transport and want to drive a prestigious car, rent Mercedes S Class Dubai, the premium sedans including S450 and S560. The German premium manufacturer has represented the best in the automotive world for decades. The brand needs no introduction as it is already associated with status and reliability worldwide. You can also experience refined style and comfort with our Mercedes S Class hire. Getting behind the wheel of a Mercedes S 450/ S 560 is an extraordinary experience that you must not miss. We facilitate our clients by offering them excellent vehicle rentals at the best prices. Our fleet is comprised of the most premium cars. If you want a sedan, you can rent a Mercedes S Class or E Class. For SUVs, you might want to consider the spacious and classy Mercedes G63 and GL500. We have also added vans from the brand to our collection. If that is your requirement, check out our Mercedes Viano rental.

    You can rent the Mercedes S 460/S 560 not just for the comfort, luxury, and prestige they exude. These automobiles are also known to offer a whole series of impressive technological innovations. Like other car rental companies, at Wellcare Limousine, we not only offer chauffeured vehicles, but our clients can choose to self-drive their Mercedes rental cars. Whether you want to hire a luxury car with a driver or get behind the wheel yourself is completely your choice.

    Distinctive Features You Get with Mercedes S Class Rental


    The luxury sedan has many modern gadgets that give the driver and passengers complete comfort and absolute safety. You get security and assistance systems that allow, for example, to see in the dark thanks to an infrared camera or to benefit from an emergency braking system in the event of an imminent collision. From ABS to cutting-edge technology that is able to simultaneously monitor the driver’s condition and general traffic, assisting in an unforeseen situation if necessary, the cars have it all.


    The inside of the Mercedes S-Class 560 and S450 illustrates that it is the pinnacle of luxury, as proven by the finest quality materials and workmanship. Comfort is the key word in describing these cars. You will feel no discomfort even on a long trip. The interior is composed of premium leather and natural wood. Together with the latest equipment and elegant design, the Mercedes S450 and S560 are real masterpieces. The car’s ride quality is excellent, and you will be torn whether to drive the car or sit comfortably to enjoy.


    The S450 has a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine generating 362 horsepower. The “core” of a Mercedes S560, on the other hand, is a 4-liter V8 engine with 469 horsepower. You can accelerate the car to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. If you also want to ride and feel for yourself all this unbridled power, rent a Mercedes S class in Dubai.

    Handling and Elegance

    The gear shifts smoothly, and you immediately feel the impact, plus there is the ability to adjust depending on the driving style. The driver gets the opportunity to feel the full power of the Mercedes S450 and S560 and enjoy the ride. It is possible to shift the desired gears using the steering wheel paddles manually. The AIRMATIC air suspension is responsible for the smooth running of the car. Together with the shock absorbers, the suspension provides excellent dynamics for the car and ensures comfort with a great driving experience.

    Pre-requisites for Mercedes S Class Hire

    • It is mandatory to show certain documentation to avail of our car rental services. When you are not choosing our chauffeur car hire and going to drive the car yourself, you must have your Emirates ID or a copy of your passport (visa page). Along with it, a valid driving license is a must for anyone who wishes to hire a rental car. Besides chauffeur for hire, as a car rental company, we offer a large selection of luxury vehicles to choose from.
    • If you are, however, a visitor traveling to the city, the requirements are different. Submit a passport copy, your visit visa, home country driving license. The additional requirement is your International Driving Permit to rent Mercedes S Class.

    Things to Know Before Renting a Lexus ES 350

    For each toll gate you cross, a Salik tax of AED 5 will be levied. It can either be taken from the initial deposit money or paid for separately.

    The cars, including SUVs and sedans in our lineup, are insured. However, there are insurance excess costs if the hirer is at fault in an accident that is documented by a police record. These costs vary per rental and will be communicated beforehand with the rental prices.

    Before you get the Mercedes S class hire, you must pay a refundable deposit amount, which will be repaid within 30 days after you have returned the automobile. We shall notify the client of any traffic violation penalties, tariffs, or other fees incurred during the rental term, and the same will be subtracted from the initial deposit.

    We have set mileage restrictions for each car hire, which are provided prior to booking.

    The age restriction to rent Mercedes S Class will be determined by the specific automobile insurance conditions between the insurance firm and us, which will be communicated beforehand based on the hirer’s passport copy/driving license. However, we recommend an average age restriction of 23 years old when hiring a car.

    Daily, monthly, and yearly car lease offers are available. Contact us to find great deals and car rental rates.